Friday, August 1, 2008

So far just excuses - no luck

So far two doctors have turned me down for his procedure. Both have two different reasons:
  1. Even having a Vidian Neurectomy does not guarantee allergy symptoms will reverse.

    I do not believe this as the evidence shows otherwise.

  2. The Vidian Nerve is close to the Optical Nerve and, if damaged, the optical nerve can impair eye site.

    There are some cases were ese site was affected - but this was due to the surgeon's incompetence. True, it's not like the nerves are labeled and can be mistaken for one another but that's there job!
I think the truth is that these surgeons are worried about the chances they get the nerve wrong. It all comes down to competence and liability. Why would a doctor chance getting sued for impairing someone's eye site when the patient can just suffer instead?

I will keep trying. I have another ENT appointment next week. If I have to, I will go to Singapore for this procedure.

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chintan said...

Not sure if you still blog or how your problem is but did you get the vidian neurectomy done? and if so, how is it now?